Darnyl Allen

Darnyl Allen is WITS Certified Personal Fitness Trainer with a passion for changing peoples lives. After working in Corporate America for nearly 20 years, he left it behind to pursue his passion in the realm of fitness. No longer stuck behind a desk, over the past 8 years Darnyl has been able to transform and help people more than he ever imagined. When a new client begins their journey with Darnyl, he sets out to not only transform his clients' body but also their mind. Reminding his clients that they can achieve whatever they set their minds to. Guiding them to make that crucial decision to place their desire for Change over top of their need to remain in their Comfort-zone. Whether it be in the boardroom or in a gym, Darnyl is there to help you achieve your personal best. With Darnyl as your personal trainer, you'll gain:
  • A WITS Certified Personal Fitness Trainer
  • The Change Over Comfort™ Philosophy
  • The ability to train in the location of your choice
  • Access to the Hybrid Training App
Darnyl Allen is W.I.T.S certified

What We Provide

1-on-1 Personal Training
1-on-1 Personal Training

Personal training is the clear and concise way to obtain your fitness results. Equipped with your own dedicated trainer, who will create your personalized training plan, you can target the specific areas you want with maximum effectiveness!

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2-on-1 Partner Training
2-on-1 Partner Training

Whether it be a couple looking to make a Change and start that elusive fitness journey together, or best friends looking to train towards joint conditioning goals, your dedicated trainer will design a program that allows you both to reach your goals.

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Semi-Private Personal Training
Semi-Private Personal Training

This is a form of personal training geared towards clients who are very limited in the specific time in which they can train. Semi-private training allows you to share a timeslot with another client while still receiving the training that you deserve.

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  • I would call Darnyl more of a fitness expert which is above and beyond a personal trainer. Darnyl has a very extensive knowledge of nutrition to body mechanics. Since he has run over 9 Spartan Races I hired him to train me. He has done a great job since I started working with him.

    Duane D.
  • I never considered personal training until I met Darnyl through one of his other clients. His positive attitude for, and knowledge of fitness is contagious and after only 2 months of training with Darnyl I can honestly say I am in the best shape I have been in years.

    Kevin S.
  • Darnyl is a great personal trainer! He really listened to my goals and was a strong motivator. I absolutely feel that he can help myself and others reach their personal training goals.

    Kelly P.
  • I have never had a disappointing workout with NOW! Fitness. Soreness??? Yes!!! Aches-and-Pain??? Yes!!! All because I haven’t worked out in a long time. I’m glad that I met Darnyl as I can feel that I am getting back on track and is excited about my progress and where I will in the upcoming months.

    Matthew J.
  • Darnyl has been my trainer since Sept 2016 and I am very pleased. He is very knowledgeable and offers clear instructions during each workout. He explains what to do, why you are doing it and the muscle it targets. He stays on track with your personal goals and makes sure you reach them.

    Daytron W.

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